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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Gillian Hall & Lucent Talking

Presence without a Fanfare

Lucent Talking exists to be a catalyst in the resolution of disputes for businesses across the UK.

Disputes of all kinds, (not necessarily involving large sums of money) can be devastating for a company.  The risk to reputation can be rapid and can put the very existence of a business in peril.  It is therefore important to address the problem, look at all the issues and rectify the situation promptly.

As a neutral facilitator, Gillian Hall, Lucent Talking’s Founder Director enables businesses to repair crossed wires, build bridges and work on strategies to ensure that this better position is maintained.

Gillian Hall does not seek the limelight in her role as a Mediator, Facilitator or Mentor.  There is no expectation of recognition or publicity from the companies she works with, as it is all confidential. 

Gillian has been involved in commercial mediation since 1999.  Given this longstanding commitment to alternative dispute resolution, she is one of the most established mediators in the UK.

What does Gillian bring to the mediation table?

A vast amount of experience mediating both commercial and community disputes. 

Gillian co-founded a leading commercial mediation company in 1999, playing a key role in promoting alternative dispute resolution to commercial litigators when the industry was in its infancy. Whilst observing commercial mediations, Gillian also played a part in establishing a commercial mediation business model, which is now replicated throughout the UK.

In 2004, Gillian undertook her mediation training and from this point has mediated a large and varied number of community and commercial mediations:  different industries – oil, property, farming, digital, charities to name a few plus a vast number of community and neighbour disputes – mostly face-to-face mediations which Gillian considers a very rich training ground, where mediation skills were thoroughly tested in highly charged and tense meetings.

For five years through community mediations (generally no longer than two hours in length), Gillian developed her advanced communication tools to bring the essence of disputes to resolution encouraging parties not to hold onto points of division.  This period of rapid responses without interfering, was where Gillian learned to know how to change the pace of the discussion before it lapses into the same old familiar pattern that did not previously work. She also developed the essential skill of knowing how to respond to nuances of verbal and non-verbal communication and has never forgotten a successful mediation in which one party did not say a single word!

This unique and unusually varied mediation experience has stood Gillian in great stead. Her mediation knowledge has certainly been shaped in those moments when mediators can best judge when new information is emerging to not intervene, and also whilst saying very little, still switch from a benign to a dynamic presence depending on the circumstances.

Gillian is often asked about the difference between evaluative and facilitative mediation – watch out for news of a short video she is making on this topic.   For the avoidance of doubt, Gillian does not support evaluative mediation and in the video she will explain why!

If you have any questions about mediation, Gillian is more than happy to discuss this in more detail.
07940 853 515

All communication with Lucent Talking is confidential.  Please note Gillian cannot comment, advise or pass an opinion about a particular dispute.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Choosing a Mediator

Look for these essential qualities in a Mediator:

Experience:  Look for a Mediator who has taken the lead, rather than be a co-mediator or been an observer.  Ideally a Mediator will have mediated a wide range of disputes & therefore is confident to facilitate many different types of discussion.  Training to be a Mediator involves a great deal of role play facilitating discussions and honing their skills by observing more experienced mediators.

Empathetic Listening:  Trust in a Mediator is essential. This comes through their experience in hearing all your concerns & protecting themselves from subjectivity within a toolkit of advanced communication techniques. Good Mediators listen very carefully without setting their own agenda.  They understand & reflect points made without you knowing how the Mediator feels about your comments. A good Mediator will be flexible in their approach to each mediation & responds to the nuances of verbal & non-verbal responses enabling a discussion to progress towards resolution.

Creating a calm environment:  Experienced Mediators know when to allow a free flow of exchanges, when to intervene, when to focus on process & when to focus on substance.  When emotions run high, a good Mediator remains unflappable.

Positive Encouragement:  A Mediator provides the means & the pace to encourage parties to progress positively through the issues of contention.

Subject Knowledge:   Understanding the areas of concern & ensuring these are discussed fully is critical to a good Mediator’s facilitation of a dispute.  You can receive legal advice from your solicitor.  Mediators do not advise parties & therefore do not need to be experts in the subject in dispute.  Remember whilst you may need or want legal advice, other factors go beyond fitting legal points, so do not let other important elements such as interests, common goals, interdependence, power, impact on other parties, etc.,  get lost.  A good Mediator will not miss these other elements.

Enquiries:  Tap into Gillian Hall’s vast mediation experience.  She will answer any questions you may have about mediation – she has been involved in commercial mediation since 1999. Gillian cannot advise or comment on a particular dispute.
07940 853 515

Communication with Lucent Talking is confidential. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Lucent Talking Blogs

These blogs reflect Gillian Hall’s wealth of experience over many years of facilitating different types of discussions for participants to voice their concerns & find their own resolutions.  She has mediated commercial disputes, community conflicts &workplace disagreements to enable disputants to move away from dispiriting events - replacing stormy meetings & stalemates with brighter conversations.
Lucent Talking is the culmination of mediation experience since 1999 & incorporates knowledge & skills Gillian developed in leading three organisations through growth strategies. Since 2004, she has also facilitated many round-table discussions in government policy consultations, including; health, nuclear power, pensions, pharmacy regulations, early years education amongst many others.
The views & perspectives expressed in these blogs are there for reader’s interest.  It is not legal advice. 

Clear Conversations, better outcomes.
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All communication with Lucent Talking is confidential.