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Friday, 22 August 2014

Lucent Talking Blogs

These blogs reflect Gillian Hall’s wealth of experience over many years of facilitating different types of discussions for participants to voice their concerns & find their own resolutions.  She has mediated commercial disputes, community conflicts &workplace disagreements to enable disputants to move away from dispiriting events - replacing stormy meetings & stalemates with brighter conversations.
Lucent Talking is the culmination of mediation experience since 1999 & incorporates knowledge & skills Gillian developed in leading three organisations through growth strategies. Since 2004, she has also facilitated many round-table discussions in government policy consultations, including; health, nuclear power, pensions, pharmacy regulations, early years education amongst many others.
The views & perspectives expressed in these blogs are there for reader’s interest.  It is not legal advice. 

Clear Conversations, better outcomes.
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